Temporal window for STDP of glutamatergic synapses

SynapseLTP Window, msLTD Window, msReference Nos.
Rat (hippocampal slice) entorhinal cortex → dentate gyrus0–20<057
Electric fish (electrosensory lobe, slice) parallel fiber → Purkinje-like cell<0 or >500–5012
Xenopus tadpole (in vivo) retina → tectum0–400 to −20119
Zebra finch (brain slice) LMANR → LMAN0–150 to −715
Rat (hippocampal culture)0–300 to −4013, 58
Rat (hippocampal slice culture) CA3 → CA3150 to −20024
Rat (hippocampal slice) Schaffer collateral/commissural → CA10–10−15 to −30 and 15–2581
Rat (hippocampal slice) Schaffer collateral → CA13–10*59
Rat (neocortical slice) L5 → L510−1067
Rat (barrel cortical slice) L4 → L4NF−10 to 2528
Rat (barrel cortical slice) L4 → L2/30–150 to −10031
Rat (visual cortical slice) L5 → L5100 to −5097
Rat (visual cortical slice) input to L2/3; proximal (A), distal (B)0–25 (A) 0–25 (B)0 to −50 (A) 0 to −100 (B)38
Mouse (brain stem slice) parallel fiber → fusiform (A), cartwheel (B)5–10 (A) NF (B)−5 (A) 5 (B)107
  • Due to the sparsity of data points in some studies, the listed range of intervals may not reflect the full width of the window. For window data: positive interval, pre-post; negative interval, post-pre. NF, not found.

  • * Activation of β-adrenergic receptors broadens this window to 3–15 ms.